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Photos By What The Doost 
WHAT I’M WEARING: PANTS:Mandeep Nagi | KAFTAN:Ahilaya | SCARF: Indian Chikankari by House of JMD | TOTE: Novica handmade by Indian Artisans | SUNGLASSES:Quay | SANDALS:Denim Slides

Mercury is out of retrograde (FINALLY) and my world is slowly starting to fall back into order. New challenges, opportunities, and a bit of uncertainty are all swirling in the air. The past few weeks have been some of the most challenges situations I have had to face in years. Learning to be strong for the people we love, learning to not let it break us, and learning how to heal ourselves are all part of the process. One thing that has helped me, and can help you face life’s challenges= GRATITUDE. Being grateful is a powerful tool, it helps your mind, body, and soul. It’s that simple. Be Grateful (period). This causes you to focus on the good, even though it might seem like life is constantly throwing the bad in our faces. 
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