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The Covenant Code

Hey guys! So I have been sharing more about my journey in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, now it’s time for me to give back and give you the full scoop. First of all, it takes hard work. There are no quick fixes or easy solutions. You have to be dedicated, committed, and willing to change your old habits. I shared my 30 day challenge and now I took the #CovenantCode, what does that mean? 

The Covenant: A 7 minute Lifestyle. Yes - 7 minutes a day, 7 Days a week to transform your body, your mind and your life. In as little as 4 days we have shown individuals that it is possible to see astounding results to their physical bodies with weight loss, energy levels and more. The Covenant Code is an agreement with oneself to reshape our thinking, reshape our approach on life. To cultivate the discipline and learn the lessons to live our most inspired life. The covenant is more than a promise to reform our personal performance. It’s a PACT to not only uphold ourselves to a new level of t…

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